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MEEM: Robust Tracking via Multiple Experts Using Entropy

Mei, X., Ling, H., Wu, Y., Blasch, E. 18. ESAT - PSI, iMinds, KU Leuven Authors2014. 3, 5, 8Zhang, J., Ma, S., Sclaroff

Superabsorbent Polymer Materials: A Review, Iran

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Devulcanization as an opportunity to recycle rubber

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Phase retrieval and differential phase-contrast imaging with

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Overmolded tube header

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Differential Selection on Carotenoid Biosynthesis Genes as a

3, Mathilde Briard1,2,3, Emmanuel Geoffriau1,(1997) Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new 50. Hudson RR, Slatkin M, Maddison WP (1992)


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Unconventional shale-gas systems: The Mississippian Barnett

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The design and operation of a versatile vapor-liquid

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Engineered top infeed hopper system

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Knowledge-based Clustering of Numerical Data Sets

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Temperature indicating foam gun nozzles and hoses

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2010119-Compact flexible reinforce rubber hose adapted for conveying fluids under high pressure. The hose includes a thin inner tube formed of a vul

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