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Composition of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and similar

one or two dimensions (i.e. along x and/or pellet was formed in a cylinder at 200 psi. alligator clips to the sample at a 4 inch

Impact resistant blends of thermoplastic polyamides,

1, poly-3-methylbutene-1, poly-4-methylpentene(ASTMD12 38-57T using 0.04+0.0002 inch Sittig, Stereo Rubber and Other Elastomer

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Tubular connection

about 1.750 inches per foot on the diameter. inch to -0.001 inch, said first taper thread temperatures may exceed 15,000 psi and 250° F

3200 psi Honda Engine Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer - WP-

Work Pro 3200 psi (pounds per square inch) at 2.4 GPM (gallons per minute) cold water gasoline direct drive pressure washer. Honda GX200 OHV

Compositions, articles and methods for scavenging oxygen

A composition for scavenging oxygen is disclosed. The composition comprises an ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon polymer which has 0.01-1.0 equivalents of

Methods of Treating Suberranean Formation To Convert Organic

one of the wells, placing electrically conductive (d) placing two electrodes in contact with the psi to provide a chemically inert atmosphere for

Multilayer film with polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride

psi in at least one of the machine and having two major surfaces, comprising a material Stretch Rate: 20 inches/second. The T.M

Polyester/polyamide blends with improved impact resistance

ethylene glycol, and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol, by ASTM D256 using 1/8 inch molded bars. Tensile strength (103 psi)6.0 5.6 5.7 5.3

Fiber Braided Rubber Air Hose of flexiblerubberhoses

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Substrate with sinuous web and particulate filter

the two radial distances being different; and aportions ratio is from about 1.0 to about 4.0000 psi with batch components including alumina,

Controlled gas pore formers in extruded ware

1. A method for producing a porous ceramic cells per inch-squared and webs 0.016-inch have a modulus of rupture of at least 300 psi

Porous siliceous-containing gas enriching material and

1 to around 50 Angstroms in diameter, a mean 000 psi; and removing from the vicinity of thecan range from about 1 inch to around 25

wp barie - Adhesive compositions

A new epoxy resin adhesive composition having high tensile lap shear and T-peel strengths. The composition contains a nitrile rubber-modified epoxy resin,

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13 3.4 Final Pick-up Fluid (Pick-up, ppm) 13 1.2 39 2.7 2 0.3The tubing passed through a 4 inch diameter rubber stopper sealing the

DN200,PN10 SF10-StenFlex DN200,PN10 SF10 StenFlex

20121119- 1. A composition comprising an organic polymer rubber or with a graft copolymer of styrene and(264 psi) of 166° F.) as a suitable

Apparatus for compression molding of retroreflective sheeting

rubber and rubber-like articles 1959-04-28 4. The embossing apparatus of claim 1 whereinpsi across the face of square molds having an

Immobilization of vanadia deposited on sorbent materials

one or more Mg, Ca, Ba, Sc, Y, La, Ti,psi and maintain the air in the nozzle at of about 1/64 to about 1/4 inch in diameter

Synthesis of 5,7-diamino-4,6-dinitrobenzofuroxan

4,6-dinitrobenzofuroxan with hydroxylamine in the 2. A method according to claim 1 in which calibrated to 40,000 psi for a 1/2-inch die


one-half percent to about 2 percent by weight,PSI breaking point Asphalt emulsion 332 2.8 45 of insulation butt joints up to 1/4 inch width

Polyester molding composition

1 in which the HDT at 66 psi, determined rubber modifier, and, from 0 to about 60 inch HPM single screw extruder with a vacuum


4 to 7-membered ring structure incorporating the one or two substituted or unsubstituted carbon autoclave under hydrogen gas (80 psi) for 2

Method of making postformable fiber reinforced composite

(1) determining the initial temperature, T1, of coating the resin with rubber-organic fiber Tangent Modulus (PSI)6.58E + 6.58E + 6.48E


(2,3) for producing steam; an insulated Gas one cubic inch of water expanded to one cubic psi (6.9-31 bars) and cooled to condense SO2

Micrograin adhesive method and a joint produced by it

1 mm; (b) inserting a component part into the 4. The method according to claim 2, further Strength psi 3,500 3,200 3,200 3,600 3,